Queen Chrysalis
The queen of the changelingsChrysalis (Chryssi), is the primary antagonist featured in the second season's finale A Canterlot Wedding - Part 1 and Part 2, as well as in the Friendship is Magic IDW comics' first four-issue story arc The Return of Queen Chrysalis.[2] She is a shapeshifter who appears as Princess Cadance and takes her place in order to invade Canterlot by rendering her fiancé, Shining Armor, unable to perform his protection spell over the city by weakening him with her magic,

In the Fluffle Puff franchise Edit

Chryssi is the second main character in the Fluffle Puff Tales. She lives with Fluffle Puff in the Golden Oak Library where Twilight Sparkle used to live. Chryssi is also shown to live with Fluffle in what appears to be Fluffle Puff's House. She is the main object of Fluffle Puff's love, taking up most of her attention, Chryssi seems to be very awkward around Fluffle and unsure of what to do when Fluffle cuddles her and shows her any love. However, she does have moments where she accepts Fluffle's love and even shows affection towards her, reciprocating what Fluffle does to her by licking and cuddling her.